About IceburgCRM

Iceburg CRM is a metadata driven CRM that allows you to quickly prototype any CRM. The default CRM is based on a typical business CRM but the flexibility of dynamic modules, fields, subpanels allows prototyping of any number of different tyes of CRMs.


  • Unlimited Relationships between any number modules without common fields
  • Metadata creations of modules, fields, relationships, subpanels, datalets, seeding
  • Ability to Import/Export in 6 different formats (XLSX, CSV, TSV, ODS, XLS, HTML
  • 25 different input types, Laravel field validation, Maska field masking
  • 26 themes with light and dark themes available
  • Module based Role permissions (read, write, import, export)
  • Calendar, Audit logs, Vue3 Charts, Convertable modules, Related Fields (related to another module)

Created With:

  • Vue 3 for the frontend
  • Laravel 10 for the backend
  • Tailwinds with the DaisyUI plugin
  • Inertia for routing
  • heroicons